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Creating Community Through Active Citizenship

Presentation Handouts

Handout materials from some presenters at the Alternatives 2008 Conference:

Keynote Speakers:

Youth Power!: The Movement – Stephanie Orlando, Lauren Tenney, Christina Felix, Dally M. Sanchez, Eva Dech, and John Donnelly


Key Ingredients of Peer Program Identified – Jean Campbell

Living Into Wholeness – Debbie Whittle

Intentional Peer Support: An Alternative Approach to Crisis – Lenora Kimball

Green Healing: Policy and Possibility – Jonathan Dosick and Judene Shelley

The Lives They Left Behind: Suitcases from a State Hospital Attic – Darby Penney

Emergence from Trauma – Cheryl Sharp and Elaine Carroll

Consumer Involvement in Forensics Settings: The Way it Can Be – Fulton State Hospital

Coming off Medications: Safety, Control and Choice – Will Hall

A Way Home: Experiential Group Learning
as a Means of Personal and Community Awakening – Noelle Pollet, Colleen Sheehan, and Elizabeth Stone

Food, Vitamins, and Alternative Grains: The Firm Nutritional Road to Health and Recovery – Chris Foulke

New Mexico Computer Loan Program: Using Technology as a Tool for Recovery – Christopher Shantz

Medical Imposters of Mental Illnesses: Is It Mental or Medical? – Mary Jensen

Mother and Daughter Sharing Recovery – Angel Moore and Kayla Griffin

Pain Free - The Way to Be – Nancy Churchill

The Phenomenon of Laughter in Recovery – Grace Sweet

Enhancing What is Right: Alternatives and Complimentary Approaches – Bob Bennett

Power to Choose/Stress Management Skills for Success – Sue Sotack and Walter Marvin

Promoting Wellness & Recovery Through Self-Help Groups – Barbara White

The Role of the Internal Arts for Health, Wellness and Recovery – Derek Fulker

Where Do We Belong? – Susan Sotack, Martha Brown, Christopher Gingras and Chavine Walker