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Logo Artist

Alternatives 2008 Logo

Winner Announced!

Cathy Fields


Cathy Fields artwork has been chosen for the Conference logo. 

Additionally, we will be using her Come-Unity sketch (see below) in the brochure.

Her work can be viewed at





Cathy Fields Bio:

In this era of impersonal technological prowess, and life lived at a hectic pace, I relish the hands-on sensation of working in traditional artistic mediums. Making art has been my path out of chaos and sadness, bringing order and joy to my life. It serves as my anchor, compass and means of exploration, taking me outside of myself into an intriguing world.

I love bright, vibrant color, and compositions with movement and flowing lines. For themes, I choose topics I want to know more about, using research as an opportunity to expand my understanding. Each new painting offers a chance to look at the world with a fresh perspective, and to work out new ideas, concepts and approaches, unique to that moment. Although my imagery is representational, I have never felt confined to reproducing literal reality. Rather I am interested in possibilities and how we, as humans, fit into it all.

I have worked in some form of the arts for most of my adult life and am entirely self-taught. In the last ten years I’ve focused exclusively on painting, using acrylics or oil pastels for studio work, and porcelain enamel on steel for public commissions that need to withstand the weather. No matter what medium I use, it is the creative process of making art, from conception to installation, project by project, that keeps me fascinated.