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Workshops and Institutes Thursday 10/27/2005

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10:15 Workshops | 2:00 Workshops and Institutes | 3:34 Workshops
Friday 10/28 | Saturday 10/29 | Schedule at a Glance

Revised 10/23/05

10:15 Workshops

Title Presenter(s)
The Building of a Recovery Program in Mental Health – The Journey to a Person-Centered Wellness Mertice Gitane Williams, Cindy Mataraso
Fighting Forced Outpatient Treatment in New York Harvey Rosenthal, Peter Ashenden
A Japanese-American Consumer Exchange William Slocum, Ken Udagawa, Denise Cate, Saho Tamamura, Gaines Lyons
A Dream Come True: A Model for a Non-Pathological, Holistic Environment for Recovery Alexander Bingham
Stigma and Discrimination: First-Hand Experiences and Perspectives Anna Lubarov, Delphine Brody, Douglass Murphy, Etienne Brook Preston, Syl Plowright
Innovative Self-Directed and Peer-Provided Service Models in Oregon Adrienne Young, Dianne Duerscheidt, Rollin Shelton
Creative Recovery: Lights! Camera! Action! Jennifer Brown, Emily Hoffman, Dan Fisher
Servant Leadership: A Model for Managing New Power Melody Reifer
Recovery and Evidence-Based Practices Robert Broman, Vicki Staples, Bob Bohanske
Expressive Movement and Rhythm: Celebrating our Journey of Healing, Transformation, and Discovery Catherine Penney


Acupuncture: A Complementary Approach to Mental Wellness and Transformation Lois Lewandowski


2 P.M. Workshops and Institutes

Title Presenter(s)
Creating an Internet Peer Support Group and Using New Web Resources Robert Turri, Eduardo Vega, Jennifer Mellin
A Dialogue on Recovery: What Supports Recovery? Pamela Trammell, Rosemary Carney, Delphine Brody, Margene McGee, Andrew Phelps
Stepping Stone Peer Support and Crisis Respite Center: How It Works Lenora Kimball, Whitney Struse
Peer Specialists – The Natural Support Experts Peter Ashenden, Mariah Bishop
Anger Management for Leading in Work and Group Situations Edie Mannion
Mentoring: Partnering with Peers, Family Members, Clinical and State Mental Health Administrators Tom Kelly, Kathy Bashor, Vicki Staples, Sara Cota
Making Recovery Work at Work: Quality Assurance for Recipient-Run Organizations Deborah Max
Recovery and Your Rights: How to Take Your Power Back with a Mental Health Care Power of Attorney Lisa St. George, Eugene Johnson


The Ultimate Recovery Center Regina D. Koch-Mart, Gaye Tolman, Trish Bleth, Kevin Ferris, Mindy Bernstein, Fred Trost, Patricia Rogers, Evelyn Reddick, Donna Feno
How a Trauma Focus Can Make Recovery and Transformation Possible


Jacki McKinney, Susan Mockus, Rhonda Elsey-Jones,  Gloria Grijalva-Gonzales, Barbie Church
Self-Direction as a Route to Recovery


Nancy Fudge, Larry Fricks, Judith Cook, Carolyn Russell
Peer Support: Road to Success


Dan Steffy, Beverly McGuffin, Wanda Black, Beth Stoneking, Edward Grijalva, Sheldon Cowles, Ken Rogers
Life Beyond Recovery-Programs and Services are Just Not Enough!


Amy Long
Recovery: The Journey from Different Perspectives


Sally Zinman, Dan Fisher, Catherine Penney, Duncan Mills
Using the Arts for Healing and Personal Transformation


David Babak, Debbie Alban, Debbie Whittle, Gayle Bluebird
Reclaiming Our History, Recovering Our Lives


Darby Penney
Gratitude: A Spiritual Path to Healing and Recovery


Maxine Bender-Brey


3:45 P.M. Workshops

Title Presenter(s)
Recovery and Your Rights: How to Take Your Power Back with a Mental Health Care Power of Attorney Lisa St. George, Eugene Johnson
Training: Disaster Crisis Counseling Program Anna Gray
Understanding Latino Needs Blanca DeLeon, Aurora Baldizon, Eduardo Vega
Housing Within Reach: Tools for Community Integration Louetta Hix, Gina Turley, Lawrence Wilson
Heroes and Recovery Nancy Stillwell, Frank Young, Linda Brown, Alice Smith, David Hochstrasser Candy Smith, Dorothy White, JoAnn Clark, Debra Baker, Janette McKeever
From the Inside to the Outside: Your Wellness, Your Recovery David Bayne
HALI Homes: Not Just Housing Ellen M. Healion
Clear Path to a Blue Sky Valley Owen
Gratitude: A Spiritual Path to Healing and Recovery Maxine Bender-Brey