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Workshops and Institutes — Friday 10/28/2005

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10:15 Workshops | 2:00 Workshops and Institutes | 3:34 Workshops
Thursday 10/27 | Saturday 10/29 | Schedule at a Glance

Revised 10/23/05

10:15 Workshops

Title Presenter(s)
Establishing Peer Support Networks in the Community after Disaster Situations Carolyn Archer, Kay Rote, Margaret Mitchell, Daily Dupré
Social Security Disability Work Incentives Benefits, and Protection and Advocacy for Beneficiaries Kent Earnhardt
Beyond Pathology: A Wholeness-Based Perspective Debbie Whittle
Providing Trauma-Informed Peer Support Kathy Muscari, Shery Mead
International Perspectives on Recovery, Self-Help, and Empowerment Chris Hansen, Mari Yamamoto, Judi Chamberlin
Communicating Your Message through the Media Susan Rogers
"The New York State Consumer White Paper": Infusing Recovery-Based Principles in Mental Health Services Mariah Bishop, Carlton Whitmore, Joshua Koerner
Wellness Centers: Peer Supporters in Action John Travers, Emy Singson, Denise Cate, Barbara Russaw
Communication Skills for Providing Sensitive, Recovery-Oriented Support to Peers Sue Bergeson, Matthew Mattson
Native American Talking Circle Yvonne Fortier, Dino Haley
What Would a Mental Health System Designed by Consumers Look Like? Drake Ewbank, Elisabeth Snow


2 P.M. Workshops and Institutes

Title Presenter(s)
Art Awakenings: Empowerment and Recovery through Creativity Saundra Ashely, Garland Jackson, Nanette Tanner, Camille Smith
Self-Care and Healing: Intending Wellness and Reclaiming Personal Power Sharon Cadiz
How Consumer/Survivors are helping to Reduce/Eliminate the Use of Seclusion and Restraint, Part I Kathy Bashor, Gayle Bluebird, Beth LaCrosse, Howard Trachtman
Building Our Own Evidence Beckie Child, Carla Green, Christine Conway Reese
You Can Succeed in Higher Education and Self-Employment Can Truong, David Romprey
How the Legal System Can Help Create a Recovery Culture in Mental Health Systems Jim Gottstein
Culturally Sensitive Services for Consumers of Color Linford Gayle
Phoenix Crisis Intervention Team Partnership Alisa Nakashima-Smith, Nick Margiotta
"Housing First" – The Consumer Experience Stephen Yates, Jane Whiley, Michael Riccio, Ricardo Moore
Survival Tools for Peer Support Programs in the Era of Evidence-Based Practices


Jean Campbell
Essentials of Peer Empowerment


Phil Schulman, Connie Downey, Sarah Edmonds, Drake Ewbank, Janet Paleo
How Consumers can Get to a Table and Have Voice in the Recovery Transformation


Dan Fisher,
Celia Brown,
Larry Belcher,
Joe Swinford
Wellness and Healing in Maori Culture of New Zealand


Ainsley Brunton, Shayne Brunton, Ngaeri Thomas,
Piki Tekaha, Fabion Ponga,
Leanne Ponga, Josephine Takarangi-Firmin, Jim Marbrook
Peer-Run Crisis Alternatives


Shery Mead, Amy Long
The Recovery Consortium: Statewide Organizing for Recovery


Doug DeVoe, Emily Hoffman, Sally Zinman,
Marty Roberts, Judi Chamberlin


3:45 P.M. Workshops

Title Presenter(s)
Unblocking the Force that Empowers You, Your Group, and Your Cause Jean McPhaden, Helen Siefert
Emerging Best Practices in Mental Health Recovery Glenn Hopkins, Wilma Townsend, Laura Maxwell, Pete Canfield
How Consumer/Survivors Are Helping to Reduce/Eliminate the Use of Seclusion and Restraint, Part II Howard Trachtman, Glenn Koons, Pat Risser, Pamela Trammell
Sharing Hope, Recovery and Wellness with Consumers and Staff at State Psychiatric Hospitals Peggy Swarbrick, Andy Bernstein, George Brice
Creating a Culture of Recovery in Mental Health Using Certified Peer Specialists Linda Buckner
Peer Support & Recovery: What Helps, What Hinders - When and How? Reneé Kopache, Lisa Oswald, Thelma Rist
Peer Services: Vocational, Volunteer, Treatment Bonanza Daniel Huff
How Successful Stand-Alone Consumer Groups Can Partner with Private Managed Care Providers Mike Halligan, Beth Epps
Walking the Walk: Maintaining a Drug-Free Workplace Joshua Koerner
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Consumers: Sexual Minority Mental Health Issues


Bert Coffman, Michael Bottomley