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Workshops and Institutes — Saturday 10/29/2005

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10:15 Workshops | 2:00 Workshops and Institutes | 3:34 Workshops
Thursday 10/27 | Friday 10/28 | Schedule at a Glance

Revised 10/23/05

10:15 Workshops

Title Presenter(s)
Men and Trauma Patrick Risser
The Role of Consciousness in Self-Directed Recovery Sarah Ho, Cheryl Kauwe
How to Change the Mental Health System without Really Trying Michael Hlebechuk
Achieving Recovery: Peer-Run Programs that Leave No One Joseph Rogers
West Virginia Leadership Academy Kelly Lane, Linda Pauley
Training the Trainer - Let's Examine Peer Specialist Lisa Nelson, Nate Rockitter
The Alliance Empowerment Coalition
George Ebert, James Rye , Anne Dox, Mary Ann Ebert, Elaine Levin, Dennis Whetsel
What's Pride Got to Do with It?  The Intersections Between Mad Pride and Disability Pride Krista Erickson
Education as a Means to Recovery Mark Salerno, Lori Ashcraft
Native American Healing and Spirituality through Cultural Traditions and Boogie (Apache Songs and Stories) Boni Delmar, Ramiro Guevara
Strategies to Build Political Power Andrew Imparato
The Pennsylvania Community Support Program Glenn Koons


2 P.M. Workshops and Institutes

Title Presenter(s)
Developing a Consumer Network in an Urban Environment Larry Belcher, Ann Rider
Righteous Anger: Young, Drugged, and Locked Up: Recovered to Tell the Story Aubrey Ellen Shomo
Facing the False Looking Glass: The Recovery and Healing Road for Consumers who Face the Challenge of Substance Abuse Leslie Washington, Cherie Bledsoe, Kathleen Washington
Recovery - The Journey Colleen Jasper
From Vision to Reality: A Roadmap to Systems Transformation Dianne Dorlester, Lorie Roberts, Ted Johnson
Making Molehills Out of Mountains - Breaking Down Barriers in Rural Areas Gayanne Ison, Henry Grater, Kelly Parker
Community Building: Solutions for Community Living Rosa Christie, Cynthia Wood
Kansas Consumers and Evidence-Based Practices Gary Parker, Kathy Cash, Su Budd
Beyond the Border: Using Curricula and Personal Experiences to Overcome Stigma and Recover


Reneé Kopache, Thelma Rist, Lisa Oswald, Ellen Dayan
Dante's Cure: The Role of Therapy in Recovery


Catherine Penney, Daniel Dorman


3:45 P.M. Workshops

Title Presenter(s)
Milestones to Recovery: A Successful Peer-to-Peer Program Maureen Marrin
Research to Achieve a Consumer-Direccted Mental Health System Jonathan Delman
If Your Mental Health Supports Make Sense, You Might Be in a Brokerage David Romprey, Maxine Stone
Our Part in Bringing the Crisis Intervention Team Model for Law Enforcement to Milwaukee Lyn Malofsky, Bob Driscoll
Forgiveness and Spirituality Igomene "Iggy" Joseph, Cynthia Douglas-Smith