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Pink Hats for Wendy

Gayle Bluebird - July 14, 2008

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Pink Hats for Wendy by Her Mother BluebirdGayle Bluebird lost her daughter, Wendy, at age 43, July 14, 2008. Her poems, Pink Hats for Wendy are a tribute to her and also an exploration of their relationship to each other. Mothers and Daughter relationships are never easy and have many twists and turns over years. But when a mother had left children at early ages, due to mental illness, it is especially hard to recapture, redefine, what has been lost. Nevertheless, it is never too late to love; love can always communicate and heal. Bluebird and Wendy tried and partially succeeded. These poems are another way Bluebird could love her.

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Book Review by Lauren Spiro

A few days after Wendy passed Gayle shared a rough draft of “Pink Hats for Wendy”. I immediately read every word, with Gayle sitting next to me. On three different occasions, with three different poems, I burst into tears. And at the end I said, “You must publish this”.

Pink Hats is a precious and deeply moving glimpse into the thoughts, daily routines, unforgettable memories of the unique mother–daughter bonding process – and all that gets stirred up as you watch your daughter weaken as death calls. A mother’s pain is hard to imagine but Gayle invites us in and wraps us in her tales. In her unique and quirky way, Gayle shares a deeply personal and exquisite journey that honors and celebrates all the moments of life.