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Laurie Ahern | Laurie Ahern and Dan FisherMorgan Brown | Gayle Bluebird | Judi Chamberlin | Andrea Cookie
Mike Dailey | Pat Deegan | Linda Donovan | Daniel Fisher, M.D., Ph.D. | Janet Foner | Leah Harris | Al Galves
Vanessa Jackson | Ann Jennings | Joshua Koerne | Philip A. Kumin | Joann Lutz | Sherry Mead | Debbie Sesula
Judene Shelley | Lauren Spiro | Lauren Spiro and Dan Fisher | Debbie Whittle Trueheart | Chuck Weinberg
Richard Weingarten
| Allen P. Wilkinson | Xenia Williams | Pemima Yellow Bird

Articles Cross Referenced by Topic
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Laurie Ahern

  1. A Tale of Two Boys
  2. Mental Illness is a Coping Mechanism

Laurie Ahern and Dan Fisher

  1. People Can Recover from Mental Illness

Gayle Bluebird

  1. Comfort Rooms (PDF of a PowerPoint, 35 pages, 610KB)
  2. Gayle Bluebird Reviews - Voluntary Madness, by Norah Vincent
  3. Paving New Ground: Peers Working in In-Patient Settings (PDF, 934KB)
  4. Pink Hats for Wendy (Direct link to pdf, 27 pages, 73KB)

Morgan Brown

  1. Self-determination and Independence Versus Force and Dependency

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Judi Chamberlin

  1. The Ex-Patients' Movement: Where We've Been and Where We're Going
  2. Confessions of a Non-compliant Patient
  3. Judi Chamberlin is 1995 Pike Prize Recipient and Remarks
  4. A Working Definition of Empowerment
  5. Citizenship, Rights and Psychiatric Disability
  6. What I did on My Summer Vacation, or, Some Thoughts on Survivor-Activism Worldwide
  7. On the Road with Judi Chamberlin: Six Countries in Four Weeks!

Andrea Cookie

  1. Rights are Universal

Mike Dailey

  1. HOPE (Hope Is a Choice)

Pat Deegan

  1. Deadly Restraint: Reform or Abolish?
  2. Georgia Consumer-Activists Restore Cemetery at Central State Hospital
  3. Tardive Dyskinesia and Tardive Dystonia: Where You Can Turn For Help
  4. Reclaiming Your Power During Medication Appointments With Your Psychiatrist
  5. Service Dogs Help People Get Back Out Into the Community
  6. Hearing voices that are distressing: Self-help resources and strategies
  7. Hearing voices that are distressing: Self-help resources and strategies (Part two)
  8. Afraid of the dentist?
  9. Personal Care Attendant (PCA) services available to people with psychiatric disabilities
  10. What is psychiatric malpractice?
  11. Listening to consumer/survivors from the deaf community
  12. It's a small world after all: Self-help and mutual support groups in Israel

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Linda Donovan

  1. Intentional Recovery Planning, Creating Space for the Unique Journey
  • Introduction (Word Document, 52 KB, 4 pages)
  • Intentional Recovery Planning Presentation - Alternatives 2006
  1. An Inquiry about One Peer-Driven Curriculum to Train Peer Coaches: Reflecting on Power, Privilege and Supporting Each Other's Recovery

Daniel Fisher, M.D., Ph.D.

  1. Dialogical Recovery from Monological Medicine, by Daniel Fisher, M.D., Ph.D.
    1. Article in Japanese - Dialogical Recovery from Monological Medicine (PDF, 322KB, 6 pages)
  2. A Review by Daniel B. Fisher, MD, PhD, Executive Director, National Empowerment Center
  3. Helping Oregon Community Mental Health Administrators Transform their Mental Health System
  4. Hope and Recovery in Australia
  5. The empowerment model of recovery: Finding our voice and having a say
  6. Healing and recovery are real
  7. How persons recovering and clinicians can promote self-managed care
  8. Someone who believed in them helped them to recover
  9. Believing you can recover is vital to recovery from mental illness
  10. A New Vision of Recovery: People can fully recover from mental illness; it is not a life-long process
  11. Dan's healing and recovery tree
  12. Making Advance Directives work for you
  13. Warm Lines: An alternative to hospitalization
  14. Self-Managed Care: The most cost effective managed care
  15. Having a voice in managed care: Consumer/survivors can influence the system
  16. Managed care is really managed financial risk
  17. Preserve our rights and programs through cross-disability coalitions and education
  18. Resonating in Japan
  19. Life Found in Translation - Magic Moment in Puerto Rico, Feb. 25, 2006
  20. Learning from Northern Europe
  21. From Relief to Recovery (PDF - 432KB, 15 pages, published September, 2006)
  22. Spreading Recovery to Portugal, N. Ireland and England
  23. Recovering Humanity in South Korea: Nothing About Us Without Us
  24. Anne Beales Receives Member of the British Empire for Services to Mental Health
  25. How Consumers Step Up to Design a Truly Recovery-based Mental Health Systemtop of page
  26. Recovery From Schizophrenia: From Seclusion to Empowerment now available on Medscape (Free membership required)

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Janet Foner

  1. MindFreedom International: advocating for human rights and alternatives in the "mental health" system

Al Galves

  1. The Value of Depression

Leah Harris

  1. Interview with Judi Chamberlin

Vanessa Jackson


  1. In Our Own Voice - African-American Stories of Oppression, Survival and Recovery in Mental Health Systems by  (PDF, 381KB, 37 pages)

Ann Jennings

  1. Anna's story: The effects of sexual abuse, the system's failure to respond and the emergence of a new, trauma-based paradigm

Joshua Koerne

  1. Mental

Philip A. Kumin

  1. A Silent Dilemma: Censorship Of Mental Patients By the Media

Joann Lutz

  1. Self-care and recovery

Sherry Mead

  1. Stepping Stone crisis respite program will offer compassionate alternative

Debbie Sesula

  1. You and Me

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Judene Shelley

  1. One woman's wish for "Depression Screening Day" and "Mental Health Awareness Month"

Lauren Spiro

  1. The Human Impact of Seclusion and Restraint - Lauren Spiro (PDF, 68KB, 3 pages)

Lauren Spiro and Dan Fisher

  1. The Emergence of a Collective Recovery Consciousness: L’esprit de Liberation, Recobrar la Vida

Mary Lee Stocks

  1. First, they call us names

Debbie Whittle Trueheart

  1. Selective Quotes on the Creative Process (PDF, 347KB, 4 pages)
  2. Another Look at Depression (pdf, 87KBm, 4 pages)
  3. Depression & Emotional Distress Bibliography (pdf, 808KB, 2 pages)
  4. Nurturing Oneself in Depression (pdf, 121KB, 5 pages)
  5. Living into Wholeness Handout Packet (PDF 2.07MB, 20 pages)
  6. The Danger and Opportunity in Crisis (PDF, 28KB, 3 pages)
  7. Responding to Emotional Crisis (PDF, 44KB, 3 pages)
  8. Helper Information: Beyond Pathology (PDF, 156KB, 4 pages)

Chuck Weinberg

  1. Recovery Do's and Don'ts (PDF, 51KB, 3 pages)

Richard Weingarten

  1. Brazil's social movement to close mental asylums

Allen P. Wilkinson

  1. We are more than our disorder

Xenia Williams

  1. Advance Directives are what you make them

Pemima Yellow Bird

  1. Wild Indians: Native Perspectives on the Hiawatha Asylum for Insane Indians (PDF, 792KB, 10 pages)

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