poems of mass construction

By Leah Ida Harris

Leah Harris is a mother, a daughter and a psychiatric survivor. Her poems and other writing have been published in Literary Mama, Word Warriors: 30 Women Leaders from the Spoken Word Movement (Seal Press), Adbusters.org, and Off our Backs. Poems of mass construction is her first booklet of poetry. Leah is busy at work on her forthcoming memoir about her journey from her institutionalized girlhood to healing and transcendence.

“Writing and performing poetry is my way of meeting my pain with joy. I believe that words have sacred power to influence reality, if only the reality of the person writing them.” Leah Ida Harris

Booklet, 30 pages

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Leah Harris

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Leah Harris CD - Part of the Voices of Hope and Recovery: Our Stories, Our Lives series.


Voices of Hope and Recovery: Our Stories, Our Lives

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Twelve CDs now ready and more will be available soon
Sally Zinman, Daniel Fisher, Dorothy Washburn Dundas, Pat Risser, Linda Corey, Mary Blake, Sharon Wise, Leah Harris, George Badillo, Chaya Grossberg, Aubrey Shomo, and Melody Riefer tell about their lives and their recovery

The idea behind this project was to share our stories in our own words so that others may learn from our battles and their path to recovery might be easier. Our dream is that everyone will reclaim the person she or he was born to be.

These stories – honest, gut-wrenching and triumphant – are told by people who, through darkness, have found wellness and healing, meaning and purpose. They teach us about finding love in a world that is often harsh and cruel. With courage and insight, they reveal how to reclaim mental health in a culture that often misunderstands the healing process. Our stories demonstrate the power of the human spirit to prevail.

These stories are for:

  • Anyone who has ever experienced severe emotional distress;

  • Families and friends of people who have experienced severe emotional distress, often referred to as “mental illness”;

  • Human Resource staff who would like to understand how to help people with mental health issues succeed in the workplace;

  • Policy makers and legislators so they better understand the supports that help us heal;

  • All people who work in the healthcare and mental healthcare field;

  • Academia, including students, teachers, and counselors; and

  • Researchers who measure mental health recovery.

“These stories have touched me in a place beyond words and I am forever changed. They have humbled and inspired me. They have filled me with hope and fueled my vision of the world we are working to create – where everyone is included and respected as a valuable member of the community. – Lauren Spiro, M.A., Director of Public Policy, National Coalition of Mental Health Consumer/Survivor Organizations.

Sample a sound byte from the CD series.
This is Leah Harris' poem: Teenage Mental Patient (.mp3 file, 3.6MB)
Poem by Dorothy Dundas (pdf, 198KB)
Poem & Something Bigger Than Ourselves
(A set of eight cards now available here at the NEC store)
Voices of Hope and Recovery Flyer (pdf, 168KB)

“Through our lived experiences, our stories of struggle and overcoming, we narrate the essence of the human journey and the power of hope. Recovery and healing are paths open to everyone…our collective voices seek to inspire in others the will to persevere so they can reclaim their lives and fulfill their dreams.” ― Mary Blake, Co-Founder and Director of Training/Communications, Consumer Action Network

“In these voices I feel the growing spirit of recovery, which is spreading around our world as an inspiring breath of life to encourage each person on their journey. When we raise our voices together there is nothing we can’t do.” – Dan Fisher, M.D., Ph.D., Executive Director, National Empowerment Center

"These remarkable stories, told with such strength, clarity and wisdom, illustrate the powerful healing force of advocacy and hope. Bearing witness to these painful experiences will surely give rise to a new understanding and tolerance for the beautiful and natural human differences among us in everyone who listens." – Dorothy Washburn Dundas, patients’ rights activist

"My thoughts, moods, feelings and emotions are NOT a disease, disorder or illness. They are me, my essence, my being, who and what I am as a person." – Pat Risser, B.A. Social Activist/Philosopher/ Mental Health Consumer/Survivor/Human Rights Advocate

This is a fundraising project of the National Coalition.  A portion of your purchase is tax deductible.

Bulk prices available; call toll free 877-246-9058

Voices of Hope and Recovery: Our Stories, Our Lives

CDs also available individually, see below.