On Our Own

By Judi Chamberlin

On Our Own is Judi's story as a patient in both public and private hospitals.  The story explores her experiences while being a patient as well as the lessons she learned while using services controlled by the patients themselves.  It makes a compelling case for patient controlled services; a real alternative to the institutions that destroy the confident independence of so many.  This is a work of great hope and optimism.

Paperback book - 226 pages

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The question most often asked of Dan is: "How did you recover?"  This booklet includes Dan's personal experience from seclusion to empowerment, and the healing strategies he found helpful.  Learn about the values Dan lives by, the strategies he found helpful in healing his "mental illness", and how to connect and harmonize with others.

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Dante's Cure

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Catherine Penney, labeled with Schizophrenia in her teens, spent three years in a catatonic state at a psychiatric hospital.  Dante's Cure tells the moving true story of Catherine’s courageous journey, written by the doctor who treated her without using psychotropic drugs.  Dr. Dorman was the psychiatric resident on Catherine's ward, who believes the medical model has led to reductive labeling and failure to recognize the person.  In this book Dorman, describes a process of self-reflection, open communication, and how therapy, with attention to developing a strong “I”, or self, can lead to recovery.  Follow this doctor/patient journey of Catherine’s recovery from a catatonic state to a full life in the community, without the use of medication.  

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A Fight to Be - A Psychologist's Experience From Both Sides Of The Locked Door

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Ron Bassman's story--his descent into a psychiatric abyss and his ultimate triumph to live a purpose-filled and self-directed life--should be required reading for anyone who has ever been diagnosed with a mental illness, those who love them and those professionals who have the power to label and diagnose. A Fight to Be deconstructs the myth that a label of schizophrenia means a diminished capacity to create a meaningful life for oneself. As you open the pages of this book, be prepared to learn that there is more to treatment than pills, that there is always meaning in madness--if you dare to look and listen--but most of all be prepared to find hope for recovery. A very personal and precious gift from an oh so gifted writer. Laurie Ahern, Associate Director, Mental Disability Rights International

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Book Review by Paul Pines