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Recovery Series - Complete PACE Set

Purchase the complete Recovery Series for the combined price of $149.

Includes one each of the following:
  • PACE/Recovery Curriculum - $49.00
  • PACE/Recovery through Peer Support Curriculum  - $69.00
  • PACE/Recovery through Peer Providers - $29.00
  • PACE/Recovery Reader - $30.00

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PACE, A Recovery Curriculum

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Price: $49.00
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People can and do recover from severe emotional distress known as "mental illness".

This curriculum has been developed by Laurie Ahern and Dan Fisher MD, Ph.D. It includes a 34-page guide and a 90-minute video lecture on the PACE (Personal Assistance in Community Existence) curriculum, featuring information on the empowerment model of recovery, PACE/Recovery principles, and recovery research. This information is useful for administrators, consumers, families, advocates, and providers who want to transform their system to one based on a recovery culture.

Reference guide only - available in English, Spanish and Japanese.
Choose from DVD or VHS



Recovery Through Peer Support Curriculum

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Price: $69.00
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Training for peer coaches, family members and providers.

"Recovery through Peer Support" is a curriculum for consumers in training to become peer coaches, for consumers wishing to further their own recovery, for family members, and those wanting to assist another person in their development as a whole human being while learning new skills for promoting recovery. The curriculum describes the evolution of peer support by mental health consumers, gives concrete suggestions of ways to facilitate recovery by using the 10 major principles of recovery developed by NEC, and contains interviews with peer coaches describing their experiences. Written by authors with decades of experience in peer support and consumer movement.

This curriculum is part of NEC's PACE/Recovery Program. The curriculum contains:

  • 38-page manual
  • Two, 1-hour DVD's


Recovery Through Peer Providers DVD

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Price: $20.00
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Recovery through Peer Providers is an invaluable tool for health care purchasers, managed care organizations, behavioral health care providers, and mental health consumers. Promote recovery by inspiring hope, improving communication, building peer support, highlighting positive role models and sharing coping strategies.

61 minutes - DVD



PACE Recovery Reader

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Price: $15.00
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Research studies, articles and book excerpts on recovery. All compiled into one publication!

This publication dispels the myth that people labeled with mental illness need to lead lives of endless desperation and broken dreams. Inspire a new generation of consumers, caregivers, administrators, and families!

Table of Contents

Edited by Daniel Fisher, MD PhD, Tom Langan, and Laurie Ahern - Paperback - 324 Pages