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National Empowerment Center aims to be a source of inspiration, information and referral to those seeking to know more about recovery from mental anguish and emotional overwhelm, sometimes referred to as "mental illness".  NEC offers a variety of materials available in print, audio and video formats. 

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Most Popular Selling Title:

Heartbeats of Hope:
The Empowerment Way to Recover Your Life

By Daniel Fisher, MD, PhD ($30.00)

Materials may be purchased here at this secure online store, or they can be called in, faxed or mailed using our downloadable order form (pdf). Call us at 800-POWER2U (800-769-3728).  Our Fax number is 978-681-6426.

NEC staff and affiliates are available both nationally and internationally, to provide workshops, training, and speaking engagements on a variety of topics. Visit our workshop descriptions page and/or contact us at info4@power2u.org, or call NEC at 800POWER2U (800-769-3728).

The National Empowerment Center's information and referral service provides information about consumer/survivor resources throughout the country. Topics include:

  • Consumer-Run Organizations
  • Holistic Alternatives
  • Information on Recovery
  • Recovery Stories

Call 800-POWER2U (800-769-3728) or visit the home page.

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